How to Improve Web Page Speed?

Web page speed is the time taken to load the content of a web page. It determines the frequency of users visiting a website. Fast-loading content keeps the user glued to the website.

A report showed that you lose many viewers if your web page takes more than 3 seconds to load content. And if it takes 1 more second to load, by then you would have lost 90% of your viewers.

It eventually leads to people badmouthing your website which further decreases its potential viewers. This also affects the SEO of your website.

Tips to improve the speed of a web page

In this section, we will be discussing some tips to improve web page speed:

  1. Reduce Image Quality

An image is essential to make your point more impactful. It is more necessary for an e-commerce site. But having more images in the content will lead to an increase in page load time.

A high-quality image takes even more time to upload, further lowering the web page speed. So what to do?

  • You can reduce the number of images in your content. Just keep the effective images.
  • Crop image to focus on the main content.
  • Load images in jpg.
  • You can reduce the size of the image to less than 100 KB to further reduce the time taken to load content. You can use various websites to reduce the size of images.
  1. Optimize Videos

Many web pages contain videos. High-quality videos act as a speed blocker to web pages. To improve the speed of a web page compression videos using video compressor tools.

  1. Reduce Redirects

It has been observed that redirects take more time to load content. Redirects require additional permission from HTML which takes extra time. So, try to direct your viewers straight to your website.

  1. Reduce HTTP Requests

A web page consists of files, images, etc. And to load a page, a file, or an image on a server, HTTP permission is mandatory. So more the number of files and images, more are the requests required to be taken. It further increases the time required to load content on a web page. Load only what is needed. You can remove unnecessary characters like spaces, commas, etc. This will help to improve your web page speed.

  1. Use AJAX

Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It is a technique which helps to boost speed while loading content. It prepares content to be loaded beforehand while the viewer is still viewing previous pages. It has unique techniques and is one of the best ways to improve web page speed.

  1. Server Response Time

To improve web page speed, server response time needs to be improved. Look for problems that are delaying server response. Have a look at memory or slow routing, etc. Lack of memory drastically decreases the speed of the server. Fix these issues to improve server response time.

  1. Page Caching

Look for plugins or websites to serve cached pages. Cached pages improve the speed of loading web page content. You can use plugins like W3 Total cache if you are a WordPress user. This page caching plugin helps to load pages quickly.

Hence, optimizing page cache helps to boost speed. Make sure your browser is utilizing local memory.

  1. Use CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. You can use CDN to increase web page loading time. Example: Amazon Cloud front.


Here we have discussed a few ways which will help you to improve web page speed. To maintain loyal customers, a good number of viewers, as well as a good rank on search engines, it is important to improve your web page speed.

According to data, a user likes content to load within 3 seconds. If it takes more time, then the probability of bouncing increases significantly. It causes more harm to an e-commerce site.

E-commerce sites have to load more images and files to tell visitors about their products in detail. So, the chances of delay in web page speed are quite high. Most importantly, it causes the customer to lose interest to visit the site.

Hence, it reduces the probability of the shopper returning to that site. So, make sure you effectively manage that and use good techniques to improve web page speed.

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