What Makes Web Development and Web Design Different?

With each passing day, we are taking a step forward in the digital space. Most people hear about any business or service and immediately look it up on the internet. This is why every organization – big or small – is trying to build its online presence through websites and social media.

At present, most businesses rely on their website and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to increase their reach, tap into diverse markets, and convert visitors to clients. Thus, web development becomes a key factor to the success of enterprises. But finding the best web development company in India can be very challenging. Before making this choice, businesses should also have a brief understanding of what web development is, and how it can steer their growth.

The first thing to note is: Web development and web design are two different terms.

Web Design

Web design comes before web development. It deals with the overall appeal of the application and includes implementation of multiple concepts like UI (User Interface) Design, UX (User Experience) Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web graphics design, etc. through standardized coding. Most commonly used web design software includes Adobe Dreamweaver, Figma, Flare, Squoosh, and Linksplit.

Web Development

Web development follows the web design process to finish the technical building. Web development has two main components – front-end development and back-end development. The client-side or front-end development involves the website interface building. Common tools are Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. The server-side or back-end development keeps updating as the database expands. Tools like Java, Python, PHP, and .NET are popularly used.

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